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Located on the Vicentina  Route, at the only stop between Santiago do Cacém and Cercal, our region  has exceptional conditions for a recuperating retreat.
The Morgavel Dam and the Campilhas Dam is a 10-minute drive away. You can practice water sports, fishing and why not an invigorating swim!

The surrounding area is ideal for mountain biking, with well marked rails.
The beaches of Costa Vicentina are just over 15 minutes by car, all with blue flag, synonymous of quality.
Sines, Porto Côvo e Vila nova de Milfontes, recognized tourist centers are even here next door!

Whit flavored History visit o Castelo de Santiago do Cacém, with a breathtaking view to the coast, the Ruinas de Miróbriga- ancient warehouse and Roman city -, the castle of Sines e o Forte do Pessegueiro.

For a safari in the Alentejo we have the Badoka Park, where you can see animals of various breeds and provenances to live freely.
Horseback riding, riding lessons, scuba diving and deep sea fishing may be a different choice.

The gastronomy is an ex libris of the region.
In  the middle of the countryside, near the beach, with a  refreshing swimming pool and also a room for the guests with  television, a small library and games room for a healthy familiarity, you  do not have reason to not come !!
The sun, the city, the countryside and the beach all a step away from you !!

Rota Vicentina

In the heart of the Alentejo, the Moinhos do Paneiro Offer a quiet place to recover forces between Santiago do Cacém e Cercal do Alentejo, where pass the first steps of the Historical Way of the Rota Viventina.
Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails in Sw Portugal. Comprising the Historical Way, the Fishermen’s Trail, and several Circular Routes, totals 400 km to walk, between the city of Santiago do Cacém and the Cape St. Vincent, the south westernmost point in Europe.

- Historical Way
It runs through the main towns and villages in a rural itinerary with several centuries of history.
Comprised mainly of rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), fully accessible to hikers and mountain bikers, with stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails.

- Fishermen's Trail
Always running along the coastline, it follows the trails used by locals to get to the beaches and hot fishing spots.
It is a single track along the cliffs,with plenty of sand, which can only be travelled by foot, and more demanding from a physical point of view.
A challenge to a permanent contact with the ocean winds, the harsh coastal scenery and the wild and powerful natural landscape.

Our suggestions
With many offers, we try to refer only those that we know and that give us all the guarantee of quality.

Where to eat
Restaurante Mercado à Mesa at Santiago do Cacém na Prç. do Mercado - Tel. 269 823 257 - Regional Cuisine and a good option for fish and seafood
Restaurante A Deolinda at Santiago do Cacém nas Cumeadas - Tel. 000 000 000 - Regional Cuisine Alentejana and hunting meat - the lamb with bread is divine!
Restaurante Retiro do Escova at Santiago do Cacém, na Rua do Algarve - Tef. 269 107 300 - Regional Cuisine - soaked bread with fried fish are a specialty.
Restaurante Cervejaria Covas, near de bus station em Santiago do Cacém, Garoupa white nodles is the best we now!
Restaurante O Passarinho at Cercal do Alentejo - Tel. 269 904 661 - Regiona Cuisine
Além Tejo Bar at Cercal do Alentejo - Tel. 269 030 995 - Seafood!! Good and economical!!
Restaurante Casa Fonseca, near by in Vale das Éguas - Tel. 269 909 117 - On wednesday we have a tasty roasted pig.
Restaurante A Casinha, at Sonega - Tel. 269 906 308 - here the speciality is the grill
Restaurante Marisqueira O Marquês, in Porto Côvo - Tel. 269 905 036 - one of the best seafood restaurant of the region
Restaurante Marisqueira Cais da Estação, in Sines junto à estação de Comboios - Tel. 269 636 271 -  the other good seafood restaurant
Restaurante Arte e Sal, at São Torpes, in front of the beach - Tel. 269 869 125 - Grilled Fish.
Restaurante Oásis, at Praia das Furnas em V.N. de Milfontes - Tel. 283 998 020 - soaked bread whit shrimps
Restaurante Morais, at V.N. de Milfontes - Tel. 283 996 827 - good fish and Regional Cuisine
Restaurante Tasca do Celso, at V.N. de Milfontes - Tel. 283 996 753- just trying! Every thing is good!!!

Tour Operators
Galope no Campo, tours of dumb in Cercal do Alentejo - Tel. 969 016 848
Monte da Avó, horseback riding through the countryside on Cercal do Alentejo - Tel. 926 437 508
Centro Equestre de Stº André, horseback riding and riding lessons, at V.N. Stº André near the Praia da Vacaria and Lagoa de Stº André - Tel. 283 996 753
Aventura Activa at V.N. Milfontes, recreational activities, canoeing, mountain biking, extreme sports, walks along the coast and countryside - Tel. 964 134 643
Natur Activities, at V.N. Milfontes, Kayak, Tours and walks along the coast - Tel. (+351) 967 225 122
Escola de Surf do Litoral Alentejano, at praia de São Torpes - Tel. 917 861 144 / 934 458 161
Badoka Safari Park, at V.N. Stº André, the Alentejo safari!! - Tel. 269 708 850

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